We are proud of our safety record: zero injuries reported for 2017. Thank you to each of you for doing your part and stay safe out there!

By The Numbers

We currently have 145 employees, our largest staff in our 29-year history. We are looking for qualified individuals to add to our team. Don’t forget the referral bonus. Contact Annika Gaffney for details.

Shout out to our Boeing service team! These 22 individuals have completed more than 100 service tickets since January.

The Microsoft 2017 Vendor Summit recognized our team with an Operational Excellence Award for the second consecutive year. Additionally, Jeff Host received the Shining Star Award.

Projects Starts

TI: Coffman Engineers, Seattle; SNAP, Seattle; Mario’s, Seattle; 800 5th Ave: Pipe Replacements and Market Ready’s, Seattle; ROMAC, Bellevue; Honeywell, Renton; B37 Lobby Refresh, Redmond
GU: EPS TALI Hall, Kirkland; Gerrish Hall, Seattle
IND: NAP Position 6, Puyallup; Overhead Crane, Everett; Port of Seattle On-Call, Seattle


NEW HIRES: Jola Bielecki, APM; Elena De Lisio, Intern;
Joan Walters, PM; PJ Nakhjiri, PE; Shan Sandhu, APM;
Brit Litwin, Carpenter; Ben Gleason, Carpenter; Mike McGlothlin, SPM; Anna Lennon, AP/Payroll; Michael Rosado, Laborer; Gabe Noyes, Carpenter Apprentice; Shawn McEvoy, Carpenter; Vince Quince, Carpenter; Clay Leighton, Superintendent; Andy Zweig, APM; Annika Gaffney, Human Resources

ANNIVERSARIES: Elmer Carter, 22 years; Bob Gregorini, 20 years; Lin Qi, 13 years; Aaron Fry, 7 years; Mike Henselman, 6 years; Ashlee Stedman, 4 years; Curtis Boyer, 4 years; Bill Flynn, 3 years; Kylene Abbitt, 3 years


June 1 – ThUD
June 13 – First Schuchart Softball Game
June 15 – WLIC Summer Event @ Schuchart Seattle
June 22 – Schuchart Ladies Night at the Mariners
July 13 – Safety Superbowl

Out & About

Beat the Bridge race supporting JDRF.

Beat the Bridge race supporting JDRF.

OSHA30 training

OSHA30 training.

Some of our Microsoft team

Some of our Microsoft team.

CPR/First Aid training

CPR/First Aid training.