Safety Super Bowl is just around the corner. 10 am – 5 pm, July 13 at Magnuson Park Hanger 30. See you all there!

As a reminder, when visiting a job site for the first time be sure to get a safety orientation.

By The Numbers

SOFTBALL: The Holy Hitters are off to a good start! Sitting at 2-3 at the end of June, the bats have been hot! Come cheer for us on July 6th at our next game!

Microsoft: For the first time, we have five superintendents dedicated to the Microsoft campus.

We are quickly approaching 90 field employees. Stay safe out there!

Projects Starts

TI: ROOTS, Seattle; MSFT Roadway, Redmond; RTC Minecraft Elevator Lobby, Redmond; Paint Booth Ventilation, Redmond; Honeywell, Renton
GU: EPS TALI Hall, Kirkland; Gerrish Hall, Seattle
IND: EDC Event Paint, Everett; Oil Water Separators, Seattle; Port of Seattle On-Call, Seattle


NEW HIRES:Sean Constantine, Intern; Darryl Galloway, Safety Intern; Matt Howell, APM; Ryan Fey, Laborer; Hunter Carlson, Laborer; Kevin Ramsey, Laborer; Jola Bielecki, APM; Larry Miles, Carpenter; Joe Dapper, Intern; Elena De Lisio, Intern; Brian Barge, Superintendent; Kalei Smith, Carpenter

ANNIVERSARIES:Jan Christ, 15 years; Jeff Host, 6 years; Marcus Parker, 5 years; Josh Bister, 5 years; Tom McCormick, 5 years; Jacob Notman, 5 years; Kristin Wulf, 4 years; EleanorKertzer, 2 years; BillFoster, 2 years; DylanClark, 2 years; DeborahFields, 1 year

PROMOTIONS: Jake Simpson, Carpenter Foreman


July  6 ThUD

July  6 ThUD

July 13 Safety Super Bowl

July 20 Quarterly 401k Meeting, Boeing Frederickson

July 21 Quarterly 401k Meeting, Microsoft

Out & About