Safety Super Bowl 2017 was well attended and a great success. It was good to see you all there! Joe Kay was the recipient the 2017 Supportive Leader Award. A huge “Thank You!” goes out to everyone who planned, set up and broke down the event.

Has your project established safety goals and a motto yet?

By The Numbers

GIVING COMMITTEE: Thank you for the feedback on our survey. As a reminder, Schuchart will match $100 of qualifying donations per employee. For more information email

SOFTBALL: The Holy Hitters won the first round of the playoffs! The next game is 6 pm, Tues. Aug. 1st QA #1.

INDUSTRIAL SERVICE CONTRACT: Our team processed 1,200 tickets in the first 6 months. Keep up the good work!

Projects Starts

TI: 800 5th 24th Floor Spec Space, Seattle; MSFT MiLF.2012 ROM rev 3, Redmond; Thompson Hall, Tacoma; McKinsey, Seattle; B33 EBC Movable Partitions, Redmond; Schuchart office, Everett; B111 Phase 2, Redmond
GU: Gerrish Hall, Seattle; 1208 Olive Precon, Seattle; Beacon Hill Precon, Seattle
IND: Kilo 6 Power, Everett; Oil Water Separators, Seattle; Darigold, Issaquah


NEW HIRES: Raphael Basilio, APM; Jack Mohr, Laborer; Rob Redman, Carpenter Apprentice; Jeremy Foster, Laborer

ANNIVERSARIES: Brandon Biller, 9 yrs; Doug Tiffany, 5 yrs; Brian Ondich, 2 yrs; Eric Cavelli, 2 yrs; Derek Cline, 2 yrs; Andrew Anderson, 2 yrs; Hank Jacky, 2 yrs; Steven Howell, 2 yrs; Jesus Espinoza, 2 yrs

PROMOTIONS: Eleanor Kertzer, Division Accountant


August 3 Quarterly Finance Meeting, Seattle

August 3 ThUD

August 8 EPS TALI Hall Bottom of the Hole Celebration

August 10 Quarterly Finance Meeting, Frederickson

August 11   Quarterly Finance Meeting, Everett

Sept 24 Summer Picnic at the Mariners

Out & About